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DIY Rat Control: The Hidden Costs And Consequences You Should Know

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When rats discover that your property is a place where they can meet their basic needs, these opportunistic pests make themselves at home. Unfortunately, rats are more than an inconvenience; they pose significant consequences for both people and the structures of homes.

Rats are large rodents and can cause a lot of damage inside homes. From contaminated food sources to damaged furniture, ruined drywall, chewed-on wires, and house fires, rats are not pests you can ignore. The damage rats cause is frustrating and costly to repair.

When it comes to rats and other household pests, being proactive is always best. To maintain a rat-free property now and in the future, trust the rat control professionals at Orange Mouse.

Rat Identification & Characteristics

In Kansas City, if a rat finds its way to your property, it will be a Norway (brown rat) or a roof rat. We have provided you with a quick description of both below.

Norway rats are a large, heavy-bodied type of rat. They aren’t very agile and like to live at ground level. While Norway rats may not be great climbers, they are excellent swimmers and diggers. These rats are known for the extensive burrows they create. Brown fur, peppered with black hairs, covers their bodies.

Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats; they have a more athletic build and are exceptional climbers. As their name suggests, these rats prefer to live up off the ground and regularly enter our homes through the roof. Black, shiny fur covers the body of these rats.

If you ever spot what you think are rats moving to and from your home, do not hesitate to ask for help. Immediately contact us so we can come to your property, identify the species, and take action to remove them.

Rats Can Be Dangerous

Rats are dangerous pests, not only because of the destruction they cause using their large, sharp front incisors but also because of the health risks they impose. Rats are well-known vectors of many diseases. These scavengers live and forage for food in many less-than-sanitary areas, putting them in constant contact with bacteria and disease-causing pathogens.

Health risks caused by rats include:

  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

  • Leptospirosis

  • Rat-bite fever

  • Salmonellosis

  • Tularemia

Don’t share your home with rats one day longer than necessary. You need to take fast action against these pests to protect your family and home.

The Cost Of DIY Rat Control

Many homeowners try to eliminate rat infestations alone, thinking they will save money. However, DIY rat control is ineffective more often than not, and, in the long run, ends up costing homeowners more time and money than expected.

The fastest and most cost-effective method to eliminate a rat infestation is to work with a pest control professional. Getting to the root of the infestation is the key to getting rid of rats and preventing their future return. You can’t place down traps and expect the problem to be solved. You may catch one or two rats, but you won’t catch them all, and you haven’t fixed what is attracting them and how they are getting inside.

Orange Mouse offers comprehensive, affordable rat control, including baiting, trapping, and exclusion services. For complete rat control, call us today.

Choosing The Right Rat Control: Contact Us To Learn More

For the best rat control near you, trust the professionals at Orange Mouse. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a pest-free environment. We want to help you rid your property of unwanted pests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The benefits of choosing Orange Mouse for your rat control and prevention needs include the following:

  • Same-day services

  • Peace of mind

  • Sustainable services

  • Budget-friendly solutions

  • Top-notch pest control services

  • Open communication

Contact us today to learn more about maintaining a home free of rats and other unwanted household pests.

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