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Mice: Dangerous, Destructive Pests

mouse hiding by a container of tooth picks

Mice can wreak havoc when they sneak into homes, creating a risk for your family and the house. These rodents can be challenging to remove once they get inside and start multiplying. Whether you frequently have problems with mice or you are looking into ways to prevent them, this article will provide everything you need to know about effective pest control.

We’ll start by reviewing the risks of mice and describing the damage they can cause. We’ll also explain why the DIY mouse treatments you might have been trying aren’t working as well as you hoped. Learn how to tell if there is a mouse problem in your house and the best way to deal with it with help from the pros at Orange Mouse.

Diseases And Health Hazards Mice Can Spread

Mice can spread diseases when you handle them directly (dead or alive), through contact with their droppings, urine, and saliva, or from bites. The following list includes the diseases mice carry and spread when they infest a home:

  • Hantavirus

  • Salmonellosis

  • Tularemia

  • Leptospirosis

  • Adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

Dried mouse droppings can also trigger allergy symptoms and asthma flare-ups. Even microdroplets of their urine can cause allergy symptoms in children. Contact us today at Orange Mouse to learn how our services can help to protect your family from these health hazards.

How Mice Damage Property And Leave A Huge Mess

Once mice find a way inside, they quickly make themselves comfortable, contaminating your food, ripping up upholstery for nesting material, and gnawing on anything they can get their teeth on. When they infest the walls or attic, mouse droppings, and urine contaminate insulation, causing terrible smells, and they can chew on wiring, creating a potential fire hazard.

Because these pests reproduce rapidly, taking action at the first signs of a problem is crucial. Contact us today at Orange Mouse to learn how we can help protect your property by eliminating problematic mice and keeping them out. We can also assist you with sanitizing the spaces where mice were nesting to clean up the mess they left behind.

Why DIY Mouse Treatments Are Often Ineffective

People’s first instinct when they spot a mouse or see signs of them is to rush to the store and purchase whatever product promises to get rid of them. Unfortunately, these products are rarely effective, and while a trap may catch a mouse, there are usually many more hiding throughout your house. Mice are clever critters who quickly learn to spot bait and avoid it.

DIY products also fail to get to the root of the problem, and if you don’t address how they are getting inside or what is attracting them, your mouse issues will continue. The best way to keep mice out of the house is to team up with the professionals at Orange Mouse. Our experts can determine how mice are getting inside and take steps to exclude mice from your home.

How To Tell If Your Home Has A Mouse Infestation

Mice are nocturnal, and they’re pretty good at avoiding detection. But learning some of the signs of mice can help you confirm there is an infestation:

  • Gnaw marks on your belongings

  • Footprints or greasy rubs marks along the walls

  • Damaged food packages

  • Droppings that are rod-shaped and less than 1/4 of an inch long

If you see any signs of mice, contact us today at Orange Mouse for help and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services. Our mouse extermination services can help you quickly eliminate the threat to your home and family and prevent them from coming back.